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The Penny Group - The Power To Know ®

How We’re Different

1. We look forward

Customer satisfaction surveys are evaluation instruments, measuring compliance. They focus on past actions. The Penny Process is a sales tool, asking clients to look forward. Clients specify what actions will most enhance the working relationship and lead to more business.

2. Proven ROI

In 2011 we completed a 3-year multi-industry study with our users. Across industries the average client grew by 12% annually. Accounts experiencing the Penny Process grew – on average – by 350% the year they experienced our process, then maintained that new level of business in subsequent years.

3. Simple and Intriguing

Long, exhaustive surveys serve mostly to frustrate your clients. The Penny Questionnaire consists of just 5 interactive questions; the average user completes it in 5 minutes. The instrument is self-customizing so that a client’s responses to one question determine what comes next. The average response across industries to Penny questionnaires exceeds 75%.

4. Actionable Insights

The Penny Group provides individual results for every client, plus reports trends by rep, by division and by company. The focus is always, “how does each client perceive his/her relationship now, and what specific actions will take each account to the next level?”

5. Turnkey Process

Each rep has full access to his/her client responses, including a customized action plan for each respondent and trends across clients. Managers have access to all data for their teams. Our simple-to-use reporting system also contains a built-in tool to measure rep activity and results, making ROI calculations simple.

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