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Whatever your product or service, the perceptions of your clients and prospects are the single most powerful predictors of your success.

Psychologists know that those perceptions not discussed are the most powerful influencers of behavior. This means that the factors most impacting your buyers’ decision-making are generally unknown to you — no matter how successful you are in selling, and no matter how close you think you are to your clients.

Understanding client decision-making is not about “customer satisfaction.”  If you’re experienced at all in business, you’ve undoubtedly had customers you thought were “satisfied” leave unexpectedly, and customers you thought were vulnerable continue to buy.   Customer surveys that capture perceptions about previous transactions are useful for accountability and discipline, but their results tell you nothing about what to do going forward to create loyalty.

To understand and influence sales, you need to uncover the real issues and motivations that drive behavior.  As psychologists, The Penny Group has developed a sales tool that accomplishes that result with amazing simplicity and clarity.  Tested in hundreds of settings and with tens of thousands of our clients’ customers, our patented technology will detail exactly why your own customers and prospects buy – or don’t.

More importantly, we teach you how to apply those insights to deepen relationships and to expand sales.  Our process is accurate at the level of each individual clientUnlike any other provider, The Penny Group can tell individual salespeople exactly what to do to expand sales with each individual buyer. 

And – unlike any other provider – The Penny Group guarantees those insights will add revenue.

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