5. Ongoing data.

There is NO tool more powerful than individualized feedback from each individual’s own clients. NONE. But feedback cannot be delivered just once. It must be reinforced and applied for change to occur. That is part of The Penny Process.

The Penny Group always recommends that our process be installed as a 3-year system.

When The Penny Process is applied in this way, we guarantee significant and lasting change for your organization.

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How we're different:

If you’ve seen the mention of “a survey” generate groans of “Not another one!” from your team and your clients, you’re not alone.

But both groups experience The Penny Process as completely different.

There are at least 5 key reasons why:

  1. ACTIONABLE insights about each client.
  2. LOYALTY, not satisfaction.
  3. PROVEN sales results.
  4. Clients LIKE it.
  5. Ongoing data.

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