3. An ROI that is dramatic and proven

Every Penny Group engagement includes the measurement of results. Our success criterion is simple: Did our effort increase sales?

How can The Penny Group be sure an increase in sales is attributable to our process?

Because we know exactly which clients are targeted in our process, we compare their sales results before-and-after The Penny Process. We also compare their sales results to a control group with similar characteristics.

In Penny implementations in 2014 – 2017, the annual sales to individuals who participated in the Penny process increased by an average of 300%. Annual sales to a matched control group increased by an average of 14%.

How is such a dramatic increase possible?

The Penny Process uncovers from each key client the specific actions that will turn that individual into a “very satisfied” buyer. We then teach the rep exactly how to implement those actions. Is it any wonder that that client expands his business with the one provider who has customized his approach, and becomes the exact provider that client most wants?

How we're different:

If you’ve seen the mention of “a survey” generate groans of “Not another one!” from your team and your clients, you’re not alone.

But both groups experience The Penny Process as completely different.

There are at least 5 key reasons why:


  1. Actionable client insights, not generic trends
  2. We focus on loyalty, not satisfaction
  3. An ROI that is dramatic and proven
  4. Buy-in from reps AND clients
  5. An ongoing process for growth AND development

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